About Us

“Mom’s come up with the BEST ideas!”

That’s what I consistently heard when I started this business in 2007.

After successful careers in investment banking and brand management for Procter & Gamble, I took on my most important job, Mom, in 2002 with the arrival of my first child. I also began dabbling in home show sales for children’s apparel products and befriended a number of Moms who were launching their own businesses with fabulous products! These “mom-preneurs” described the challenge of trying to design products and operate their businesses while also trying to gain distribution into retail markets.

In April 2007, I agreed to help former P&G colleagues sell their newly launched product into the North Carolina and South Carolina retail marketplace. That effort was so successful that I formalized into a multiple-line sales representative business beginning in August 2007. Thus, Lemonade Stand Sales was born.

Over the years, I have specialized in parent-inspired lines primarily in accessory, gear, gift and specialty apparel product areas providing retailers in the Southeast and beyond a personal and customer service-focused buying experience. Most of the lines provide immediate delivery for their fabulous products. Lemonade Stand Sales offers Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville trade show locations for wholesale customers to shop, in addition to being available via phone and email. Please visit a showroom or call to arrange for one of a limited number of in-store appointments.

Many thanks,
Anne-Marie Davis

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